Registration of released prisoners


Released prisoners resume their membership in the HMO to which they belonged before their incarceration. The Israel Prison Service automatically transfers information on the prisoner's release to the NII.

  • If a released prisoner's former HMO has not received information on his/her release, he/she must fax a copy of the certificate of release to the NII's Registration Department (fax number 02-646-2029). The NII will forward the information to the HMO and within 24 hours membership will be renewed.
  • Released prisoners who were not members of an HMO must register with the HMO of their choice and they will immediately be entitled to health services.
  • Released prisoners who wish to switch to a different HMO (the transfer can be made while the prisoner is still in prison) must act in accordance with the regulations for switching.
  • Released prisoners who do not know to which HMO they belong can call the Heath Department call center on *6050, Sunday to Thursday between the hours of 9:00-17:00.