Registration of children

Children are from birth automatically members of the same HMO as the parent who receives child allowances on their behalf. They are signed up by the NII, as soon as their birth information is received from the Ministry of the Interior.

  • If each parent belongs to a different HMO, and they want the child to be registered at the second one, they must complete newborn registration. Registering a child up to the age of 6 months at the HMO of your choice can be done immediately through the NII website. Both parents must possess a personal credit card. If registering the child at a post office branch, both parents must be present.
  • If a child must be moved to a different HMO because of a court order or divorce agreement, the order or agreement must be sent via fax to 02-646-2029, and the child will be moved at once.
  • Transfer of a child of divorced parents - when a child and both parents are registered in the same HMO, and the parent with whom the child is registered wishes to switch to another HMO together with his or her child (the child may only be registered with a HMO with one of his or her parents registered to the same HMO), the National Insurance Institute will send a message by mail to the other parent informing him or her about the transfer request, to the "minor's alternate mailing address", which must be added to the Ministry of Interior by the second parent.
    If the parent is against the transfer - he or she must notify his objection within 45 days to the commissioner of acceptance of the Ministry of Interior.
    If the objection is granted - the child will not be transferred to another HMO.
  • Up to the age of 18, children can be moved between HMOs at their parents' request and within the periods established by law.
  • From the age of 18 to 18 1/2, children can register for an HMO for the first time as an adult, and this will take place at once with no waiting period.