Advance payments modification

A self-employed worker whose incomes have changed during the year may give us notice in order to modify the advance payments he must pay.

To modify advance payments, one must fill out a request of advance payments modification form, and attach supporting documents as detailed in the form.

The request may be sent by means of the website or submitted to the NII branch nearest your place of residence.

Upon receiving the request, we will make relevant modification to your due advance payments, according to your statement on monthly incomes.

Please note, a request on advance payments modification may be submitted only when your income is subject to a 10% change at least (increase or decrease).

The advance payments modification request may be sent once every quarter:

  • First quarter - between January 1, and December 31.
  • Second quarter - between April 1, and June 30.
  • Third quarter - between July 1, and September 30.
  • Fourth quarter - between October 1 and December 31.