Opening and closing a file of employer of domestic worker


Those who employ of a domestic worker must inform us about the worker's employment as follows:
  1. Register as employer with the National Insurance Institute (NII) by opening an employer file, within two weeks of the employment starting date.
  2. Report regularly on the domestic worker’s work and pay insurance contributions on his or her behalf.

The obligation of registration, reporting and payment also apply to those employing a  insurance contributions also applies to the employer of a domestic worker who is not an Israeli resident.
The individual working in children care or babysitting at his own home, and meets the definition of self-employed - must open a file and report on himself.

Ways to open an employer file:

The employer's file for a domestic worker is on the employer's name, and thereby it is not necessary to open another file when you replace a domestic worker or need the reactivate a the file.

Closing a file of employer of domestic worker

If the domestic worker stopped working in your household, you have to close the employer file. This file can be closed on the website.

Please note,

  • The file should only be closed in case of a permanent work stoppage and not upon temporary work stoppage.
  • If you employ a domestic worker again, there is no need to open a new file. You need to report and pay on the website, using the old file number.