Who is considered a domestic worker?

A domestic worker is a person who is hired to carry out household chores in the employer’s home or to perform cleaning duties in an apartment building. This category includes persons employed to clean stairs in an apartment bulding, or as caregivers for children and/or elderly persons (a full detailed list appears below), provided that the work is performed in the house of the child and/or elderly person.
When the work is performed at the worker's house, he/her will not be considered as a salaried employee but as a self-employed person.
The domestic worker performs jobs that are necessary for the proper maintenance and operation of a household or an apartment building and which are intended to help the occupant of the home and other family members in that household in its management.

Types of jobs included in the category of housekeeping:

Type of jobWorking conditionsExplanation
Household choresThe work is carried out in the home and in its backyard and/or front yard. Household chores include cleaning, washing of walls and floors, cooking, ironing, folding laundry, etc.The jobs are carried out solely by the domestic worker; the work does not involve the employment of an assistant or assistants.
Caregiving, supervision and babysittingMost of the work is not carried out in the caregiver’s home.This category refers to caregivers for children, elderly persons and patients requiring constant supervision. In some situations, the caregiving may be provided temporarily outside the home of the person receiving the service, such as in a senior citizens home, hospital, etc.
Cleaning jobs and janitorial work in an apartment buildingThe work is carried out in the building and not in any private home. The work is carried out solely by the cleaning person/janitor; the work does not involve the employment of an assistant or assistants.The employer is the apartment building’s tenants’ committee.
ChauffeurThe vehicle used does not belong to the chauffeur, who is not employed by a company or by any other kind of employer. 
Security guardVariety of employment conditions; guard is not employed by a company.  
Caregiver who has been sent by a private company and who provides services beyond the hours determined by the company.  In the field of nursing care.
A person employed by a group of parents to care for their childrenEven if the caregiving is provided outside the homeThe group of parents employing the caregiver must attach a letter specifying by name who are the caregiver’s employers and who is responsible for reporting and making payments to the NII.

In order for someone to be considered a domestic worker, all of the following conditions must apply:

  • The employer is a private individual (or the tenants’ committee in an apartment building or a group of parents, as noted above), and the work is not required for the employer’s business or professional work.
  • The work is necessary and vital; if this domestic worker were not employed, someone else would have to be hired.
  • The domestic worker receives regular (not token) wages and does not work as a volunteer or without receiving any wages.
  • The domestic worker does not carry out the work in the context of the normal mutual assistance between family members or friends.
  • The work that is carried out has a cash value; the domestic work is considered a job where wages are paid as part of a contractual bond and where rights and obligations exist between employer and employee.
  • Most of the work is carried out in an organized, regular manner within the framework of fixed working hours or workdays.
  • The domestic worker is required to carry out the work without any assistance.
  • The domestic worker does not employ assistants for the performance of the work.
  • The scope of the work is realistic and reasonable in relation to the nature of the job.