Self-service stations

Self-service stations are located near all NII local branches and in public places and municipalities. You can can access and use the stations by yourself and at anytime at your convenience.

In order to locate a self-service station nearest to your place of residence, clik here.

Self-service stations provide services 24 hours a day, yet when located in public buildings, they are open to the public only during the building's public reception hours.

Services available at self-service stations:

All authorizations available on self-service stations may also be produced online on the personal service site.

  • Authorizations regarding benefits – Authorizations of payments and entitlements in most issues relating to benefits;
  • Authorization regarding insurance contributions – Account information and authorizations for income tax purposes;
  • Authorization regarding insurance – Authorizations that delineates work periods and types of work, according to NII listings;
  • Authorization regarding health insurance – Authorization of membership in sick funds;
  • Summary of information regarding unemployment benefits;
  • Summary of information regarding insurance and collection of contributions.

How does a station work

Self-service stations are simple and user-friendly. Every action is accompanied by appropriate guidance. The instructions are available in three languages: Hebrew, Arabic and Russian.

To use the self-service station, you must have your ID number and a pin code.

If you do not have a pin code, you can order one on the website or through our call center.