Benefit for family member of a Martyr

​A "Martyr" refers to whoever was executed or killed by the authorities of a foreign country due to his Zionist activity, as well as executed of killed in an enemy country by its authorities or an hostile organization, because of his affinity to Israel, his Jewishness or this country's hostile relationships with Israel.

The benefit paid to a relative of the Martyr is calculated based on the rates and terms specified by Families of Fallen Soldiers Law (Ministry of Defense).

In order to receive this benefit, you must submit a recognition request to the certifying authority , and fill out the following form: "Request to recognize the family of Martyrs".

Requests approved by the authority are transmitted to the NII for verification of eligibility for payment by the NII.

A convalescence grant is paid once a year, in July. Widows are entitled to a widow/er's grant once every 7 years.

The Martyr's relatives are entitled to benefits paid according to the directives of the Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Defense. Handling is taken care of by Rehabilitations Departments of NII's local branches.

Housing aid and marriage grant for Martyr's orphans

Until age 30, an orphans are entitled to a housing grant after proving they have pruchased a property which is their only dwelling. Grant rate - 80% of the marriage grant given to orphans.

In order to receive the housing grant, they must produce a signed contract between them and the seller of the property, as well as the following documents: if the property is sold for key money – a notarial confirmation of the purchase of the property from a private person; if the property was purchased using funds from a savings account – a document proving the actual due date of purchase; in case the property is in early stages of construction – a detailed schedule of payments due to the contractor.

Single unmarried orphans under the age of 30 are entitled to a special grant in the amount of the marriage grant. If they have already received a housing grant, they are paid the difference between the marriage grant and the paid housing grant. See below the calculation of the difference with marriage grant.

Orphans under the age of 30 who have been married are entitled to a marriage grant after providing a photocopy of the marriage certificate. If a housing grant was paid prior to the marriage, they are paid the difference between the marriage grant and the paid housing grant. The amount of the difference (20% of a marriage grant) is paid as per the value of the marriage grant at the date of payment. In addition to the grant, orphans who are purchasing properties are entitled to a loan, according to rules determined from time to time.

Purchase Tax discounts (Land Betterment Tax)

Martyr's orphans are entitled to a discount on the payment of Purchase Tax as specified by Land Betterment Tax Regulations. The discount is granted only twice, based on authorization from the Head Office. Tax rate after discount is 0.5% of the value of purchased property.