Dependents’ Benefit

​A dependents’ benefit is paid to a widower/widow or child (orphan) of a deceased Prisoner of Zion who had received Prisoner of Zion benefits from the National Insurance Institute. The widow/er’s entitlement to benefits expires when he/she remarries.

To receive the benefits, fill out the application form for Benefit for Dependents of Deceased Prisoners of Zion.

The rate of the benefit is 60% of the benefit received by the Prisoner of Zion before his/her death. A person who is entitled to both dependents' benefit and survivors’ benefit, or to benefit for dependents of a person injured at work, must choose one of these benefits, whichever is the highest.

Eligibility for another benefit from the National Insurance Institute

Death grant

A death grant is paid to the spouse of the deceased who was entitled to a Prisoner of Zion benefit at the time of his death.

If the deceased does not have a spouse, the grant will be paid to his child, on condition that the child meets the legal definition of a child.