Income-based benefit for Prisoner of Zion

The benefit is paid by the National Insurance Institute to a person who was recognized as a Prisoner of Zion by the "certifying authority" of the Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, and met the conditions of the income test.

The maximum rate of benefit for an individual is  NIS 2,963 (as of Jan 01, 2021), and for a couple it is  NIS 4,444 (as of Jan 01, 2021).

To receive the benefit, you must complete an application form for income based benefit under the Prisoners of Zion and their Families Law.

Income that is taken into account in the calculation according the income test is any income from the sources specified in Article 2 of the Income Tax Ordinance, including income from work, retirement pension, benefit, property and more.

The following are not considered income: the main benefits provided to a Prisoner of Zion, child allowance, monthly grant paid by the Jewish Agency and (as of March 1, 2003), a payment made under the agreement of October 9, 1992 signed by the federal Finance Minister of Germany and the Committee of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

Calculation of the benefit:

The benefit is calculated according to the income taken into account for an individual/couple:

Income entitling to a benefit:
For an individual - 20% of the average salary in the economy NIS 2,110 (as of Jan 01, 2020)
For couple - 30% of the average salary in the economy NIS 3,165 (as of Jan 01, 2020).

Maximum benefit:

For an individual -  NIS 2,963 (as of Jan 01, 2021).
For a couple
-  NIS 4,444 (as of Jan 01, 2021).

An individual who has no income or whose income is up to NIS 2,110 (as of Jan 01, 2020) is entitled to the full benefit.
The individual who earns higher income will receive a relative benefit.
A couple who has no income or whose combined income is up to NIS 3,165 (as of Jan 01, 2020) is entitled to the full benefit.
When a couple has higher joint income, the insured will be entitled to a relative benefit.

 If the income exceeds the amounts specified as the index for calculation (“maximum income”), the amount of the benefit according to income is 60% of the difference between the total of all income and the maximum income permitted (under Article 11 of the Recompense to Prisoners of Zion Law).

The rate of income-based benefit is not fixed, and changes according to income.

Income-based benefit updates:

If you are entitled to an income-based benefit, you are required to inform the National Insurance Institute of any changes in your income, your spouse's income and you family status.

To update your income, you can send the documents via the documents sending system.

To update your family status, please complete the personal details update form (BL/900). You can print the form, fill it out and send by means of the documents sending service on the website.

Special benefits:

A Prisoner of Zion entitled to benefit according to income to whom an income support benefit was denied due to this entitlement – may be eligible for the following discounts (the National insurance Institute transfers the information to the relevant entities):

  • A 100% discount on municipal taxes applying to an apartment that serves as the person’s residence (the discount is given only for 100 sq. m.);
  • A Prisoner of Zion who is a senior citizen (a male resident of Israel at least 65 years of age, or a female resident at least 60 years of age) is entitled to a discount for medications included in the health services basket.