Who is entitled to coverage of burial expenses?

Burial expenses coverage is paid to cover the costs of burial and related services, for every person who dies in Israel and is buried in Israel, as well as for every Israeli resident who dies outside of Israel.

The National Insurance Institute pays the burial expenses directly to the Hevra Kadisha (burial society) or to any other entity that is duly authorized to conduct burials which has signed an agreement with the National Insurance Institute in this matter.

No payments will be collected from the family of the deceased at the time of the burial and related services.

Non-Jewish Deceased

When a person who was not Jewish dies and is to be buried in a locality in which there is no society or organization licensed to bury non-Jews, the following must be done in order to be reimbursed for burial expenses: A claim must be submitted to the NII branch closest to the place of the deceased's residence. The request must be submitted on a personal claim for reimbursement of burial costs. A claim may also be submitted by mail, fax or via the service box of the NII branch. The original burial license must be attached to the claim form.

A resident of Israel who died abroad

A resident of Israel is someone who is recognized by the National Insurance Institute as an Israeli resident at the time of his death (an Israeli citizen is not necessarily an Israeli resident).