Notification of changes

​It is important for you to give us notice of any change that might affect your entitlement to a pension or the manner of its payment, within 30 days of the date of the change. That involves any change in:

  • Your income and your spouse income
  • Marital status
  • Address or telephone
  • Bank account details - which can be modified through our website.

Relevance of notifying changes in your income

When you are not working, the NII deducts health insurance contributions from your disability pension. However, when you start working, these health insurance contributions are deducted from your wage. You must therefore give us proper notice of your work's beginning upon reception of your first pay slip, in order to let us stop deducting health insurance contributions from your pension.

In addition, pension rates are based on your income. If your income have changed, you are responsible to inform us, so that we may update the rate of your pension accordingly and thereby avoid you being in debts.

How to notify NII of income changes

You must send the following documents:

  • Pay slip - whether you have started to work or there is any change in your income.
  • Certification from the employer regarding your work termination - if you have stopped working.

Relevant documentation may be sent to us directly through our website.
Documents may also be submitted by fax, by mail or in the service box of your local NII branch.