Child's examination by the Medical Board

You are probably familiar with the following thoughts: What will they do? What will they examine? Does it hurt? Will the child collaborate? 
We are aware of above parents' concerns before an appointment at the Board, hence, some details are important for you to know:

  • In the entire course of Board appointment, you are with your child.
  • No examination will be performed without your consent.

It is important to stress that we are doing our best in order to make a decision based upon submitted documents only, without summoning the child to an examination by the Medical Board. 
Therefore, it is crucial to attach all relevant documents concerning the child's functioning, treatments administered to him, their frequency, medical exams and also, if possible, a report from the educational institution where the child is schooled, appearing as an attachment to the claim form. 

Attaching comprehensive and updated documentation, as far as possible, shall help us in making a decision without summoning the child to an examination by the Board.
You can receivefree of charge, advice and help in preparing for your appointments before the Medical Board provided by "Helping Hand" center.

What happens in the course of an appointment before the Medical Board?

  1. Prior to your entrance into the Board room, a doctor reads through your attached medical documents.
  2. Upon entering into the Board room, you will be asked to show identity document from the accompanying parent.
  3. After proper introduction, the doctor will turn to you and ask about the child's medical condition and its influence on his functioning.
  4. If necessary, a body and functioning examination will be performed by the doctor.

What to do if you are not able to attend to the Board appointment?

  • Should the child not be able to reach the Board appointment due to his medical condition, mention of this issue can be made on the claim form, as well as a request for examination of the child at home. Home examination requires approbation by the NII doctor, based on the medical documents attached to the claim form.
  • In case you are not able to appear to the Board appointment at scheduled time, please make sure to: Contact your local branch, or call our call center.