How to submit the claim

A claim for a disabled child allowance must be submitted by the child's parent or guardian.

For single parents, the claim must be submitted by the parent having custody of the child.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Claim Form for Disabled Child Allowance (fill and send the form on-line / download the form).
  2. Updated medical documents regarding the child's medical and developmental condition.
  3. Additional documents depending on the child's disability or disease.

 The claim and its attachments shall be sent by the following manner:

After claim submission, if necessary, the parents and the child will be summoned for examination by the Medical Board.

You are entitled to get, free of charge, advice and preparation for appointments at the Medical Board provided by "Helping Hands" service centers.

Submitting a repeat claim

It is possible to submit a repeat claim if the first claim is rejected, or if a partial benefit is granted.

Once a period of six months has elapsed from the date of rejection or approval of the partial benefit, the repeat claim may be submitted.

However, if there's a worsening of the child's condition which has been documented in a medical certificate - a repeat claim may be submitted even if a six months period has not yet elpased.  We will examine the repeat claim, if a doctor from the National Insurance Institute declares that there is indeed a worsening of the child's condition, or that new facts arose which justify an increase of the benefit rate.