Vocational training student

Concerning a woman in vocational training, her studying time may be considered a qualifying period in the assessment of her eligibility for maternity allowance, if she meets the following conditions:

Conditions of entitlement:

  • She is over 18.
  • She worked as salaried employee or self-employed for at least 30 consecutive days until the determining date.
  • The vocational training was held in institutions offering nursing education recognized by the Ministry of Health or in establishments in which training if conducted in collaboration with the Vocational Training Department of the Labor Ministry, according to a program of study involving 35 hours per week, over at least 6 consecutive months.

Rate of maternity allowance for a vocational training student

Maternity allowance is calculated according to the new mother's income as salaried employee or self-employed in 3 full months or in 6 months preceding work termination - whichever is higher.
If you have studied in a vocational training during those months (3 or 6 months) - the maternity allowance calculation basis will also involve the "amount of vocational training for allowance calculation" amounting to NIS 5,276 (as of Jan 01, 2020) per month, in addition to your income from work as employee or self-employed.