Covering the surrogate mother's hospitalization expenses

​Intended parents who have a child by surrogacy abroad, can be entitled to reimbursement of hospitalization expenses related to the surrogate mother's delivery.

To be eligible for the hospitalization expenses coverage, one of the intended parents must be Israeli resident.

Grant amount

The amount of the hospitalization grant is NIS 16,499 (as of Jan 01, 2024).
In case of a premature infant, you may receive an additional payment for hospitalization of NIS 261,803 (as of Jan 01, 2024), provided that the two requirements below are met:

  • At birth, the infant's weight was up to 1,750 grams.
  • The child was hospitalized for at least 4 days in a children's emergency department.

Delivery abroad

In order to obtain reimbursement of hospitalization expenses for a childbirth abroad, one must submit a claim for Birth and Hospitalization Grant, and attach to the claim a list of services provided at the hospital, as well as invoices and receipts of payment.
Reimbursement will be granted up to the maximum amount of the grant, and based on invoices and receipts provided.

You can submit a claim together with required documents to your local branch directly by means of the document sending service of the website.

Delivery in Israel

The National Insurance Institute directly pays the hospitalization expenses of the surrogate mother (who gave birth) directly to the hospital.
However, if one of the spouses is not Israeli resident, the payment will not be transferred directly to the hospital, and therefore one must come to the branch of the National Insurance Institute up to two months prior to childbirth, in order to examine your entitlement to hospitalization coverage.