Hostile Actions Casualties

​Determining degree of disability

A person injured by a hostile act who submitted a claim for disability benefit will be summoned to appear before a Medical Board, who has the authority to determine the degree of his disability for a temporary or permanent period based on the severity of the injury.

The Medical Board is authorized to determine your disability degree only in relation to an injury or illness related to the hostile act.

Calculating the disability degree

When there is a single injury the disability degree is the same as the degree of that injury.

For example: for someone who has a disability degree of 40% due to a single injury, his overall disability degree will be 40%.

When there are several injuries, each with a separate degree of disability – the  disability degrees are weighted.

For example: when there are two injuries, the first at a degree of 60% and the second at a degree of 30%, the first disability degree will be 60% and the second will be 12%, which are 30% of the remaining 40%. The overall disability will be 72%.

When there are two injuries or more in paired organs
For example: when there is an injury in both hands or in both legs, the Medical Board is allowed to connect the disability degrees of these organs.
For example: a 40% disability in one hand and a 30% disability in another hand will equal a 70% overall disability degree.
However, the final degree of disability may not exceed 100%.
For example: a disability degree of 40% in one leg and 70% in the other leg will equal 100% overall disability and not 110%.

Special degree of disability (+100)

According to the law and regulations, a Medical Board may establish special degrees of disability for a disabled person. The amount of compensation for a special degree of disability (+100) equals 140% of disability.

Summons for a second examination

If your degree of disability is a temporary one, you will be summoned to appear before the Medical Board a second time.

If you believe that your medical condition has deteriorated following the injury caused by the hostile act, and six months have elapsed from the Board’s decision regarding your disability, you may request a reexamination of your condition. The request must be accompanied by a doctor’s approval attesting to the change.

Appealing against the decision of the Medical Board before the Medical Appeals Board.