Types of Mobility Benefits

There is a wide range of mobility benefits, each with different conditions of entitlement.

Most of the benefits are provided to a person owning, in possession of or intending to purchase a car (benefits are granted after the car's acquisition), and provided that he meets the following conditions:
  • A Medical Committee of the Ministry of Health determined a 40% degree of mobility disability for him, and he has a valid driving license.
  • A Medical Committee of the Ministry of Health determined a 60% degree of mobility disability for him, and he does not have a valid driving license, but has an authorized driver who drives for him.

Who is considered authorized driver?

  • A close relative: spouse, son/daughter and their spouses, father, mother, including adopting and step parent, brother, sister, nephew or niece, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandfather or grandmother, grandson or , who holds a valid driver license.
  • Living with the person with limited mobility permanently and in the same building or when they live in two buildings separated by radius of 1,500 meters at most.
  • He or she received an authorization by the National Insurance Institute (NII) to serve as "authorized driver".

Someone who is not a close relative of the person with limited mobility, and meets all conditions below:

  • He/she takes care of the mobility disabled most hours of the day and holds a valid driver license.
  • He/she lives permanently with the mobility disabled in the same building or they live in two buildings separated by a radius of 1500 meters at most.
  • He/she minds the mobility disabled's needs, is able and commits to take care of him on a permanent basis for his daily needs.
  • He/she has received authorization by the NII to serve as an "authorized driver".

Those who do not have a car in their possession, may be entitled to a mobility allowance to a person without a vehicle, meant to cover the costs of their journeys by public transportation, taxis etc., and as long as they meet the conditions of entitlement.