Standing loan for purchasing a first vehicle or replacing a vehicle

A standing loan is given to a person with limited mobility who is purchasing his first vehicle, either private or commercial, or a special vehicle as he chooses, for the full or partial financing of the taxes that apply to the vehicle – according to the conditions specified in this section. A person who is entitled to receive a standing loan can receive it only after signing an undertaking (attached to the form Claim for Benefits Under the Mobility Agreement) in which he undertakes to fulfill the obligations specified by the National Insurance Institute. The standing loan must be repaid to the National Insurance Institute under the conditions specified in this section.  

Please note:

  • If you purchase a new vehicle before your request for a standing loan has been approved, the NII will not approve this request.
  • Car prices for purpose of determining loans and installments are based on the "Levi Itzchak" price list.