Information for employers

The National Insurance Institute reimburses employers for the reserve service benefits that they pay to their employees as prescribed by law. To receive the refund for the benefits, an employer must submit a claim through the Employer’s claim for reimbursement of reserve duty benefits form to his/her local NII branch in which the insurance contributions account is managed. The National Insurance Institute calculates the benefit according to the salary reported in the claim and adds the cost-of-living increment.

The benefit due to the employee from his/her employer is considered equal to their salary, and the employer must pay the benefit at the time of payment of the regular salary. An employee is entitled to submit a complaint under the Wage Protection Law against an employer who delays or refuses to pay the benefit.

The employer must send the claim to the National Insurance Institute as early as possible, and report on the period of reserve service as it appears on the military form, without splitting up the service period.