Benefit rates

For an easy and fast ​benefit calculation according to your income, you can use this unemployment benefits simulator (Hebrew).

Benefit's calculation method

Daily unemployment benefit rate is calculated according to your age and income (subject to insurance contributions) over the last full 6 months preceding your first appearance to Employment Service.

Monthly unemployment benefit rate is calculated as follows: your daily unemployment benefit rate is multiplied by the number of days you have appeared to Employment Service Bureau during that month.

For instance: if your daily unemployment benefit amounts to NIS 120, and during the month of May you have 18 appearance days, monthly unemployment benefit for the month of May will amount to NIS 2,160 (NIS 120 per day multiplied by 18 days).

In case you have appeared as you were required to during the whole month, you will receive payment for all possible working days during that month (not including Shabbat days).

For a thorough explanation of calculation method, click here.