Conditions of entitlement

You may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation if you were determined, by a Medical Committee of the National Insurance Institute, a degree of disability of at least 20% and meet the following conditions:

  1. Due to the consequences of your disability on functioning, you are not able to work in your previous occupation or in any other kind of work suiatble to your education, skills and previous emlpoyment experience.
  2. You require vocational training in order to integrate the labor world.
  3. You are suitable for vocational rehabilitation, since at the end of rehabiliation you will have the actual ability to integrate a remunerated occupation on the free labor market.

Age of entitlement to rehabilitation: from age 18 years and 3 months to retirement age.

Spouse's eligibility for rehabilitation: the spouse of the severely disabled who does not have access to vocational rehabilitation, may be eligible for vocational rehabilitation on condition that he or she lives permanently with the disabled spouse, has not yet reached retirement age and an increment to the disabled person's disability pension is paid for him or her.