Vocational rehabilitation for hostile action casualties

Under the "Benefits for Hostile Action Casualties Law, 5730 – 1970", any person who is a victim of an act of terror is entitled to a compensation, including any benefit, rendered persons to whom the "Disability Law" and "Fallen Soldiers Families Law" applies, according to the merits of the case.

The following are entitled to vocational rehabilitation:

  • People with a disability level of 20% and above.
  • People who lack a profession or are forced to undergo career retraining as a result of their recognized injury.
  • Disabled persons requiring vocational training for establishing themselves at their work place.

Rehabilitation may take place in one of the following two tracks: 
1. Vocational training and higher education.
2. Economic rehabilitation at a business.

The rehabilitation officer assists applicants with information concerning their rights and with selecting the rehabilitation track. The rehabilitation program is processed and realized based on the entitled person's skills, physical ability and ambitions, and according to the available options in the job market.

Support groups and a volunteer service are available to victims and their family members.