Placement assistance

The NII’s Rehabilitation Division, in cooperation with placement agencies specializing in the integration of disabled persons into the job market, assists in the placement of work-injured disabled persons in the open job market and provides them with support until their integration into their workplace.

​The rehabilitation officers of the NII help rehabilitating persons with physical, sensorial or mental impairments, and give them proper training to integrate the open job market.

The rehabilitation officer accompany the disabled person through the entire rehabilitation process including diagnosis, vocational training in accordance with the rehabilitee's skills, inclinations, and limitations. From the start of the relationship, we try to direct rehabilitees to occupations that are in demand in the job market and suitable to their abilities.

We see to it that rehabilitees attend educational institutions that are under the supervision of government agencies or which are recognized as leaders in the selected vocational field. Some of the people who were rehabilitated with the help of the NII's Rehabilitation Department have academic degrees in such fields as engineering, computer science, law, economics, social work and education. Others have a professional certificatio as technician (computers, dental prostheses), graphic artist, designer, applied engineer, accountant, chef and other occupations.

The Rehabilitation Department works in collaboration with leading manpower agencies for both placement needs and follow-up at work of the service beneficiary and the employer.

In September 2014 was signed an extension order designed to promote the integration of persons with disabilities into to the work market by making their appropriate representation in work places mandatory.
Giving equal opportunities is an important principle for the promotion of the integration of disabled persons in society.

Employers are welcome to provide us with details on the requirements of the job you are offering, on the profile of the ideal candidate for this job in your view (education, training, experience), on the scope of the work (full- or part-time), on the work environment and on the geographical region of the proposed job. Please send these details to and we will be happy to circulate your job offer on your behalf.