Opening a self-employed file at the NII

If you are starting to work as a self-employed, we must be informed immediately upon the beginning of the activity, for you to be covered as self-employed worker.

Please note, opening a file at the NII is separate and not conditional to opening a file at the Tax Authority. For information regarding opening a self-employed file or VAT, please contact the Tax Authority.

Eligibility for benefits

How to open a self-employed file at the NII?

In order to open a file as self-employed worker at the NII, one must fill out a multi-annual report form - which may be completed online on our website.
On the form, you must fill personal information and information regarding the expected scope of activity.
Based on these details, the rate of insurance contributions you are to pay will be determined.

Statement regarding expected income

We are aware that at the time you open a file it is challenging to evaluate the scope of working hours and expected income. However, it is very important to state an estimation as accurate as possible since your coverage will depend on the amount of income indicate in your statement.
For instance, if you are victim of an injury at work, the work injury benefit you will receive may be based on your disclosed income, even if your actual earnings are higher.

The statement of income may be modified once per quarter (three months), and we will update advance payments accordingly - for more information about advance payments modification, click here.

By the end of the year, if your incomes are lower than stated, we will return insurance contributions paid in excess, and if they are higher, you will be asked to pay the balance of insurance contributions.