How can I send documents to you?

You can send us documents via the website or your mobile phone by means of document sending service (without code and password). You can also use your Personal Service account on the website (code and password required)

Document sending service

To use this service, go to the website's home page and click on the link called "Submit Documents" or click here.

Then, choose one of the four options below:

  • Benefits departments (where you can send documents related to all benefits) – Next, select the requested subject (e.g. unemployment, maternity allowance, etc.) and enter the identification details of the insured for whom you wish to send the documents);
  • Department of Collection from Insured – Next, enter the identification details of the insured.
  • Department from of Collection from Employers – Next, enter the company's deduction file number (or the number of the household file or the building committee), booklet identification number (appears on the booklet), mobile phone and e-mail (e-mail is not required).
  • Service of Registration with HMOs – Next, enter the insured's identification details.

After entering the identification information, you can add a remark to the officer's attention (optional), change the handling branch (by default the handling branch appearing will be that of the insured's area of residence), and select the category and type of document.

Please note – if the category and type of document indicate that you intend to send a claim form that can be submitted by means of the "online forms submission" – the system will not allow the document to be sent and a message will appear prompting you to send the document via "online forms submission".

After selecting the category and document type, click on "Choose file", select the file from your computer or mobile phone's gallery.

The following file formats can be uploaded: JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, PNG, BMP, PDF. Up to 15 different documents can be uploaded, each file up to 10 MB size.

Personal service

To use this service, log into your Personal Service account.

In the menu on the right, click on "Upload Documents" and select the subject, category and type of document. Then click "Attach File" and select the file saved on your computer or mobile phone.

You can upload the following documents format: JPG, PNG, TIF, TIFF and PDF.

Maximum file size is up to 5 MB.


Required documents:

If a document is required by the system, it will not be possible to upload other documents online with respect to topic for which there is such a requirement.

When there is a document requirement, go to "Required Documents" and at the bottom of the page click on "Upload File".

After clicking "Upload File" a screen will appear with the list of required documents and a button called "Select File". Click on the button to upload the file from your computer or mobile phone, and select the uploaded document from the list. Next, click "Send".