Benefit for a disabled Prisoner of Zion

A monthly benefit is paid to a Prisoner of Zion who was recognized disabled due to detention, imprisonment or deportation, as a result of Zionist activities or activism for the creation of the country, and whose degree of disability is at least 10% - the benefit is paid even to a person recognized as prisoner of Zion due to his Judaism and whose degree of disability is at least 25%.
In order to receive the benefit for disabled prisoner of Zion, one must submit an application for recognition by the certifying authority, by means of a dedicated application form; under its section 4, articles 1-7, the applicant will list the diseases or injuries he incurred as a result of detention.
Beside the benefit for disabled prisoner of Zion, a disabled prisoner of Zion is also entitled to a benefit for prisoner of Zion based on income, provided he is found eligible according to an income test.
The request of a person recognized by the certifying authority will be transferred, with all attached documents, to the National Insurance Institute, which will contact the prisoner of Zion based on the documentation received.

Determining the degree of disability

The prisoner of Zion is summoned before a Medical Board for purposes of establishing the degree of disability. The Medical Board is composed of by a one or more physicians, specializing in the medical impairments of the benefit claimant, and rules independently.

Disability degree is established based on special tests that determine a certain degree of disability for all impairments according to their respective gravity. The list of exams is available on the website, under the "laws and regulations" section, in the book of examinations (in Hebrew).

The degree of disability is established permanently, however, when a final assessment of the claimant's situation cannot be made, he will be granted a temporary degree of disability for a period of time of not over a year, and at the end of that period, he will be summoned again before a Medical Board.

Instructional video: preparation to Medical Board (in Hebrew)

Medical Board satisfaction questionnaire

Appeal against a ruling on disability degree

A prisoner of Zion can appeal against the degree of disability he was granted before a Medical Appeals Board. The National Institute Insurance itself is entitled to initiate an appeal against a decision of the Medical Board.

The appeal must be submitted in writing and with reasons, by the following means:

  • To the secretary of the Medical Board at the branch of the National Insurance Institute where the Medical Board was held or by means of the service box outside the branch, or through the website.
  • To the Prisoner of Zion Service, National Insurance Institute, 13 Blvd. Weizmann, Jerusalem, 91909, by mail, fax at 02-5382417 or through the website.

The appeal submission deadline is 30 days since receipt of notification of the Medical Board's decision. the Medical Appeals Board is competent to either confirm, cancel or modify the ruling of the (first) Medical Board, to increase or decrease percentages of disability, whether the appeal was initiated by the benefit claimant or by the National Insurance Institute.
The ruling of the Medical Appeals Board is final, yet it can be challenged (on questions of law alone) by an appeal before a Regional Labor Court.

Please note!

  • Medical Boards are independent in their decision making, and the National Insurance Institute is not allowed to meddle in the decisions.
  • If you filed an appeal against a Medical Board's decision and are informed that Medical Appeals Board is about to decrease your degree of disability - you have the possibility to withdraw your appeal.

Amounts of benefit for disabled prisoners of Zion

The monthly benefit rate for a disabled prisoner of Zion is determined according to the degree of disability established to him by a Medical Board.

When his degree of disability entitles him to a benefit, the prisoner of Zion receive payment of benefits as long as he is disabled, at rates prescribed under article 4(a) of The Disabled of Nazi Wars Law.
Benefit amount is determined according to the percentages of disability - a prisoner of Zion with a 100% disability degree, will receive a benefit amounting to 117% of the wage of a public servant at rank of 17 on the administrative scale - NIS 4,978 (as of Jan 01, 2021).

Please note,

The level of the disability benefit is not influenced by your incomes from any kind of source.

Aggravation of condition

The prisoner of Zion who has been granted a final degree of disability and then incurred an aggravation of his condition, is allowed to request the reexamination of his situation by means of a Reexamination Request Form (Aggravation of Condition), if hi meets the following conditions:

  1. At least six months elapsed since the day of the decision made by the Medical Board on your degree of disability.
  2. You have provided the National Insurance Institute with an authorization from a certified physician from a HMO, attesting an aggravation in your condition which served as basis for your disability degree, or the discovery of another impairment related to his detention-related condition.

The National Insurance Institute, too, is entitled to request a reexamination of the disabled prisoner of Zion's condition for whom a final degree of disability was established, if there has been, to the knowledge of Institute's physicians, a change in his disability status, and provided that six months elapsed since his degree of disability was last established.