Visits to day-care centers

Daycare centers for the elderly are day framework intended to senior citizen residing in their own home, who struggle to manage their household due to decreased functioning. The centers offer a therapeutic response, and enable the elderly to stay at home with their family, and let them avoid leaving their home. The centers provide, under one roof, social and cultural activities beside professional treatments.

Centers operate between Sunday and Thursday, from morning until the afternoon, and some of them are also open on Friday.

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Services provided at daycare centers:

  • Round trip transportation from the elderly's home to daycare center in a car suited to his functioning - including assistance in stepping up into the car and down out of it.
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • Personal care, bathing, help with shaving and the like.
  • Social and cultural activities such as conferences, classes and movies.
  • Fitness, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.
  • Nurse examination and social therapy.

Service pricing

Visit price varies according to the benefit level you were granted:

  • Levels 1 to 3 - one visit per week at daycare center is worth 2 hours of home care per week.
  • Levels 4 to 6 - one visit per week at daycare center is worth 2.45 hours of home care per week.

In other words, if you are entitled to a level 2 long-term care benefit, you can visit daycare center for the elderly once a week, and receive 8 hours of weekly home care hours, instead of the 10 hours per week to which you are entitled.

Admission requires payment of a NIS 15 additional fee per visit.