Other months included in the qualifying period

Accruing a qualifying period constitutes one of the conditions of entitlement to a maternity allowance.

In other words, you work as a salaried employee or a self-employed, and you have paid national insurance contributions. Your entitlement to maternity allowance is determined by the qualifying period you have accrued:

  • if you have paid insurance contributions for either 10 of the 14 months, or 15 of the 22 months preceding the cessation of work - you will be entitled to a maximum maternity allowance for a period of 15 weeks (105 days of entitlement).
  • if you have paid insurance contributions for 6 of the 14 months preceding the cessation of work - you will be entitled to a partial maternity allowance for a period of 8 weeks (56 days of entitlement).

Months included in the qualifying period:

  • Those you were working as a salaried employee or self-employed in Israel (even without being an Israeli resident).
  • Those you were working as an employee abroad, provided that both you and your employer are Israeli residents and have signed an employment agreement in Israel
  • Those you were a local Israeli worker.
  • Those you were working in Israel, and held a valid stay permit for foreign worker.
  • Those you have received a sick pay and vacation pay from your employer ), or months in which she had income from self-employment and she paid insurance contributions from that income. Work during part of a month is considered a full month of work.
  • Those you have received a sick pay or a pay in lieu of annual leave from a provident fund.
  • First two months of an unpaid vacation, for which the employer is obligated to pay insurance contributions on your behalf.
  • Those you have received from the NII one of the following allowances: work injury, unemployment, accident injury, maternity (for a previous childbirth), pregnancy bed rest or a 100% work disability pension.
  • Those you were undergoing vocational training or vocational rehabilitation, which can be included only if you have worked for at least 30 consecutive days immediately before the day of your cessation of work before childbirth.
  • Those of regular military service (compulsory or standing) - a soldier who terminated her military service and started working.
  • Those of national service - for those who have performed at least 12 months of national service and have then started to work.
  • Months where you were in vocational training - if the training was held in intuitions offering nursing courses recognized by the Ministry of Health, or in centers where the training is conducted in collaboration with the Vocational Training Department of the Labor Ministry, according to a study program of 35 hours per week during at least 6 consecutive months.