Maternity allowance to the surrogate mother (who gave birth)

​Maternity allowances are paid to the working woman who took a birth and parenthood period of leave, and are intended to compensate her salary loss during her leave period at the occasion of the pregnancy and birth.

The pregnant mother (surrogate) can be entitled to maternity allowance like any other new mother, in accordance with the conditions of entitlement.

Maternity allowance eligibility period:

Eligibility for maternity allowance is granted from the day of birth

Submitting a claim

Claim form for maternity allowance to surrogate mother (BL/356) - must be submitted within 12 months of the day the child was received in the intended parents' care.

You may submit the claim along with required documents, directly to the branch in your home area, through the website's online documents delivery service.

Maternity allowance amount

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Extension and split of eligibility period for maternity allowance

In some cases, one may be entitled to extend the duration of birth and parenthood leave and to receive additional maternity allowances during the extension.

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