How to submit the claim

​In order to receive the birth and parenthood period allowance, one must fill out a claim for payment of vacation pay for an adoptive parent, a foster parent or a biological father who has no spouse. The claimant must attach authorization from the Ministry of Social Affairs on receiving a foster child. The form should be submitted to the local National Insurance Institute branch. The claim may be submitted by mail, by fax or in the service box of the local branch.

Salaried employees

Must ask their employers to certify on the form the details of the months they worked, and their salary during the ten months before they stopped work. If they worked for several employers, they must attach a form from each one.

If the employee has not received a full salary (due to illness, accident, strike or reasons beyond his or her control) in the six months preceding the day he or she stopped work, he or she must attach a separate letter specifying when and why, and attach the appropriate medical or employer authorizations.

A self-employed

In light of an amendment to the law, the allowance of a self-employed claimant whose determining date is from 27.4.2016 and onward, will be calculated as follows:

The allowance will first be paid based on advance payments. In the next stage, upon receiving an assessment, the allowance be recalculated based upon the current assessment or that of the previous year - whichever is higher.

The law will come into effect in 2017 when the assessments for 2016 become available.