Quarantine benefits to employers

To relieve employers and help them financially during the Corona crisis, the National Insurance Institute will pay a quarantine benefit to employers who have paid wages to their quarantined workers.

The payment covers the quarantine days of employees that occurred until 31.7.22.

Please note that payment will only be made for quarantine days immediately declared to and approved by the Ministry of Health.
To submit a claim click here.

For information regarding quarantine benefits to the self-employed, click here.

What is the process for obtaining a quarantine benefit for employers?

  • Complete an application form with the details of quarantined employees or by issuing a file from payroll system
  • Employee details, salary statements and quarantine dates will be verified with the Ministry of Health
  • Submitting a claim for employees whose details have been verified by the Ministry of Health
  • After submitting the form, you will be able to follow the approval and status of the claim in the company's governmental enterprise space.
  • Payment will be deposited to the employer's bank account indicated in the claim