Special assistance for the blind

Grant for home equipment

In addition to coverage for special accessories, such as a folding cane, Braille machine and portable recording device, a person who is blind in both eyes, with a 100% special disability, is entitled to a lump-sum grant and to annual grants for purchasing and repairing home equipment. This home equipment includes a refrigerator, washing machine, home heating and cooling devices, a stereo system and electric shaver. A disabled person who has not received assistance to purchase home equipment is entitled to an initial lump-sum grant. To inquire about eligibility, please contact the rehabilitation officer at the local NII branch closest to your place of residence.

Assistance with travel expenses

A "blind disabled" person (whose disability recognized as resulting from the hostility is blindness) with a 100% disability is entitled to assistance with transportation expenses to work, school or a place where he volunteers (if he volunteers on a regular basis, at least 3 days a week), in addition to the regular mobility allowance he receives.

Reading allowance

A blind disabled person with a 100% special disability who is working or studying is entitled to funding for 100 hours of reading aloud each month. The grant is also provided to a blind disabled person who has retired from work.

Guide dog

A person who is blind in both eyes with a 100% disability is entitled to a guide dog. He is also fully reimbursed for any medical treatment the dog requires. To receive this benefit, please contact the Rehabilitation Department at the NII branch handling your case.

Assistance in maintaining a guide dog

A blind person who keeps a guide dog is entitled to a monthly grant to cover the routine expenses of maintaining the dog. An annual grant is also paid to cover periodic treatments, such as vaccinations, preventive treatments, hair trimming, etc.