Choosing between benefits

If a disabled person, as a result of the same event, is entitled to disability benefits under the Benefits for Victims of Hostilities Law and is also entitled to one of the following benefits, he must choose one of them:

  • Any other benefit from the Finance Ministry (except for reparations from Germany).
  • Compensation under the Civil Torts Law - if the disability was caused by a civil entity.
  • A hostile action injury that is also a work injury - if a hostile action injury occurred during working hours or en route from home to work or from work to home.

To make this choice, you must go to the local National Insurance Institute branch in which the claim was submitted, and sign a declaration stating your choice within six months from the date on which you received notification of the decision by the certifying authority, or within three months from the date on which you received notification of establishment of a degree of permanent disability.

A person submitting an appeal from the decision of the authorizing authority may choose his benefit as above, from the day of the decision of the authorizing authority to recognize him as a victim of hostilities.

A disabled IDF veteran who is receiving a disability benefit from the Ministry of Defense and was injured in hostilities is entitled to receive only a disability benefit, and the hostilities-related injury will be deemed to have occurred during, and due to, his military service. The two disabilities will be combined and the benefit for them will be paid by the Ministry of Defense.

Please note:

  • If you have not signed a declaration, you will be paid a benefit as a victim of hostilities.
  • You have only one opportunity to choose between the two benefits.
  • If you decide to choose compensation under a different Law, you must refund the payments and benefits that you received from the National Insurance Institute as a victim of hostilities.

The following benefits are not considered a dual payment and you are not required to choose among them:

  • A civil service pension or a pension for career army officers - if the resignation was not caused by the injury.
  • When entitlement to a benefit as a victim of hostilities stems from several causes, such as a disabled person whose child was killed in hostilities.
  • Reparations from Germany for health problems, which are paid by the Ministry of Finance.