Psychological therapy

In addition to the emotional assistance given by the rehabilitation workers, disabled people who have trouble with routine functioning are entitled to coverage for therapy with a psychologist when, in the assessment of the rehabilitation worker, the therapy is likely to improve the person's emotional and functional condition and contribute to the success of his rehabilitation program. Funding of the therapy is contingent upon agreement between the entitled person and the rehabilitation worker regarding the problems that require therapy, the therapy objectives, an evaluation of the ability to be helped by therapy and the type, frequency and duration of the therapy.

The following are eligible for this treatment:

  • People with a medical disability of 10% to 19% (who were injured before January 1, 1996)  and those with a degree of disability from 20% to 49% who have trouble functioning due to their recognized disability.
  • People with a medical disability of 50% or more, who have trouble functioning for any reason whatsoever.
  • The spouses or parents of people with a medical disability of at least 50% or people with a disability of 20% or more who suffer from head injuries or mental illness, if it seems that therapy will help them improve or prevent the deterioration functioning and living conditions.

To receive subsidy for psychological therapy, the entitled person must contact the Rehabilitation Department and meet with his rehabilitation worker. Upon receiving the rehabilitation worker's authorization, he will be referred to a qualified therapist whose fee will be paid directly by the Rehabilitation Department according to Finance Ministry rates for psychological services. If, towards the end of the authorized therapy, it is felt that continued  therapy is necessary, this need will be evaluated by a senior professional.