How to submit the claim

A claim for a general disability pension may be submitted from age 18, and up to 12 months past retirement age.

New service! You can now fill out your claim form and send all necessary documents by means of a service representative, over the telephone at *3928. The representative will fill out and submit the claim for you over the phone and help you with the submission of documents. 

If you are hospitalized, you can submit a claim with the "First Class" service through a social worker of the hospital in which you are treated.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Claim Form for Disability Pension - for your convenience, please watch this instructional video on how to fill out a claim form (in Hebrew).
  2. Medical documents - disease summaries or any other medical document pertaining to your medical condition, detailing all chronic diseases, treatments and medications.
  3. Employed person - you must submit the following documents:
    • Last 15 pay slips or a certifacte from your employer regarding the period of employment and salary (a fill-in certificate is available on the claim form).
    • List of sick leaves paid by the employer for the period you did not work, over the last 15 months, or any payment confirmation form the insurance company regarding the disease.
  4. Self-employed person - you must submit to the NII’s Department of Insurance and Collection a declaration on the changes in your work and income due to the disability, and provide the last tax assessments in your possession.
  5. Income from other sources than work - a list of income for the last 15 months, such as retirement pension (in Israel or from abroad), support to Yeshivas' students, child support, inheritance income and the like.
  6. Power of representation - if the person submitting the claim and whose signature appears thereon is not the claimant himself, please fill-in article 4 of the claim form as well and attach to it a power of representation, guardianship order or court decision.

Ways to submit documents

The claim and above mentioned documents may be sent by one of the following ways:

After submitting the claim, you will be summoned, if necessary, to an examination by the Medical Board, and in case you have severe disabilities, your claim will follow the "fast track" handling process.


  • You are entitled to receive, free of charge, advice and preparation to Medical Boards by "Helping Hands" centers.
  • Wheter you or your family do not have any income at all, you should check your eligibility for income support, until you start receiving a disability pension.
  • If you have legs impairments, you should also submit a request for a medical exam in view of determining a disability for limited mobility.