Entitlement to mobility benefits for a disabled child

The recipient of a disabled child allowance who also meets all conditions of entitlements to mobility benefits - will have to choose between one of the two benefits.
Those who meet the following criteria, are not required to choose between the two benefits, and can receive both benefits:
  • A mobility disability of at least 80% has been determined for him/her,
  • A Health Bureau's medical committee has determined that he/she needs and actually uses a wheelchair.

Important! In order to make sure that receiving mobility benefits will not prevent you from receiving benefits for a disabled child, you should contact the Disabled Child Department of your local NII branch.


Please note:

The National Insurance Institute approves benefits as "vehicle owner" to two or more brothers, each of whom were granted a percentage of mobility disability of at least 80%, and who live in the same house, even when they are not 3 years old yet. Receiving a benefit for a person "without vehicle" is not possible for children under age 3.