Staying abroad

Entitlement to an old-age pension is granted to an Israeli resident covered by old-age insurance.

Under section 324 of the Law, a person receiving an old age pension who is temporary residing abroad, will receive his or her old-age pension during that period to their Israeli bank account on the month in which they left and from the firs of the month following the month of departure, for a further period of three months.

The National Insurance Institute will continue paying the old-age pension to an account abroad to those who meet the conditions detailed further on.

It is important to notify the NII if a person intends to about to leave Israel for a longer period than three months, in order to examine whether or not he or she is entitled to receiving the pension abroad.

A woman receiving an old-age pension as a housewife is not eligible to continue receiving her pension beyond three months.

A person residing in an enemy state will not receive an old age pension.