Receiving an old age pension in a country with which Israel has no convention

The following people are eligible to an old age pension in a country with which Israel has no convention:

  • A person who received an old age pension in Israel;
  • A person who left for a country with which Israel has no convention, and reached retirement age while still an Israeli resident.

Entitlement to the old age pension is paid for three months at most. A person who left Israel prior to August 1, 2009, will receive his or her old age pension abroad for six months at most.

Despite the aforementioned limitation, a person who meets the following conditions will be eligible for an old age pension abroad even after 3 months:

He or she must be Israeli resident at least 5 years prior to departing abroad and meet the following conditions:

  • He or she was an insured resident and stayed in Israel for 25 years at least prior to reaching old age  or departing abroad;


  • He or she was insured for at least 144 complete months in Israel, with 12 months of that period being prior to reaching the age of eligibility for an old age pension, or was insured for 12 months while receiving an old age pension.

The following periods are taken into account In the 144 months of insurance for women:

  • Working woman - all period of times she works, regardless of her family status.
  • Single, divorced woman - whether she works or not.
  • A married woman whose husband is not insured with old-age insurance - whether she words or not.
  • A widow who does not receive survivors pension or a dependents benefit by virtue of her husband's death - whether she works or not.
  • A woman Aguna - a married woman, whose husband's whereabouts were lost two years ago, or who stays abroad for at least two years, against her will, and did not support her maintenance during that period - whether she works or not.
  • Disabled woman - a woman recipient of a disability pension, whether she works or not. 

A woman receiving an old age pension as a housewife who has left Israel for a country without a ratified a convention with Israel will be eligible for the pension abroad for three months only. Her pension will be renewed upon her return to Israel.

Life certificate

Once a year a claimant must produce a life certificate signed by the consulate or authorized notary or local authority, or social security institute in the country of residence.

Please note:

If a person is planning to stay abroad for longer than 3 months, he or she must notify the National Insurance Institute (Old Age Department) in writing.