A person who is receiving a special old age benefit

The recipient of a special old-age benefit must notify the National Insurance anytime he intends to travel abroad.

The recipient of a special old-age benefit who is living temporarily abroad and continues to be an Israeli resident, will continue to receive the special benefit only during one calendar month after the month of departure. The benefit may be resumed, at the discretion of the National Insurance Institute, in the month of his return to Israel. Therefore, it is important to inform the branch of the return in Israel, for the sake of preserving rights.

The recipient of a special old-age benefit living abroad for a prolonged period of time, will stop receiving the benefit as of the month of his departure from Israel. Payment of the benefit will resume upon return to Israel only if he or she is recognized as an Israeli resident. A spouse remaining in Israel must contact his/her local National Insurance Institute branch to review his/her rights.