Appealing a Medical Board decision

If you are not satisfied with the Medical Board's decision, you may appeal the decision to the Medical Appeals Board. The appeal must be submitted within a two months from the date of receipt of the decision. (In special cases, the deadline can be extended to one month. After that time, it will not be legally possible to hear the appeal).

The detailed appeal must be submitted to the secretary of the Medical Board at the local NII branch. You can appeal the decision of the Medical Appeals Board, solely on questions of law, to the Labor Court. The NII is also entitled to appeal the Medical Board’s decision in your case, both at the first level and to the Labor Court on questions of law.

The Medical Boards make their decisions independently and the NII is not permitted to intervene in those decisions.

If you submitted an appeal and you are informed that the Medical Board is about to reduce the degree of your disability - you are entitled to cancel the appeal.