Benefits and advantages for the disabled living abroad

Disabled people who live abroad on a permanent basis are entitled to a monthly benefit in accordance with the disability percentage established for them by the medical committee, and as specified in the section on Disability Benefits, provided that once a year they submit a “Life Certificate” approved by an Israeli consulate or notary public.

Below is a list of benefits to which disabled people living abroad on a permanent basis are entitled, according to the disability percentage specified in the sections Benefits and GrantsPsychological Treatmentand Rehabilitation Assistance.

Annual benefits

Telephone expenses grant, recuperation grant, heating grant, clothing grant, shoes grant, deteriorated equipment grant, cassettes grant.

Monthly grants

Increment for financing special needs (“assistance from others” increment), mobility allowance.

Benefits / grants that require contacting the Rehabilitation Department

Financing for studies, psychological therapy, reimbursement of vehicle insurance, higher education grant for children of a disabled person, marriage grant.