Entitlement to mobility benefits after retirement age

Under the Mobility Agreement, a first claim for mobility benefits may not be submitted after retirement age.

For an explanation on retirement age for purpose of mobility benefits

A person who began receiving a mobility benefit before retirement age may continue receiving the benefit after this age, if he fulfills all the conditions of entitlement stipulated in the Mobility Agreement and if he meets one of the following criteria:

  • He received a mobility allowance just previous to reaching retirement age;
  • He received a standing loan within the 4 years previous to his reaching retirement age;
  • He received a standing loan for the purchase of a car and he still owns this car.


A person who meets the above criteria and reached retirement age before January 1, 2002 will continue to receive all mobility benefits only if he has a valid driving license  and is able to drive his car and does so.

A person who does not have a valid driving license may be entitled to a standing loan only, subject to the criteria for receiving this loan as determined in the mobility agreement.