How to submit a claim

A person wishing to submit a claim for a mobility benefit to the National Insurance Institute must submit an Application Form for Medical Examination to Establish Mobility Disability to the District Health Bureau.

After the district medical committee or the Ministry of Health's medical appeals committee establishes the percentage of mobility disability, entitling you to a benefit, you must submit the Claim Form for Benefits Under the Mobility Agreement at the local NII branch closest to your place of residence. You may also submit the form by mail, by fax or in the service box of the local branch.

Please note,
If you must travel to appear before the medical committee or the medical appeals committee, and are unable to use public transportation due to the state of your health, you may be entitled to a refund of travel expenses, provided that you are not receiving mobility allowance.
For the purpose of examining your entitlement to a refund, you must provide your local NII branch with authorization from the district physician or the chairman of the appeals committee, stating that you are unable to use public transportation, along with original receipts from the trip.