Self-employed in the field of culture

Following a legislative amendment, as of 1.9.2020, the self-employed in the field of culture, such as lighting designers, cameramen, sound engineers, editors, costume designers, make-up artists, production assistants, etc. - can accrue a qualifying period to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Please note, the law amendment only allows you eligibility for unemployment benefits after you have accrued 6 or 10 months of work at least as of September 1st. In other words, as of today, you may only be entitled to unemployment benefits starting from the month March 2021 -  - click here to learn more

To learn more about eligibility of people in show business, click here.

Which work is accounted in the qualifying period?

To obtain unemployment benefits, you have to accrue 6 or 10 months of work in a production job.
Production job - is a job under an employment agreement fro 3 months at least or under a agreement for a series of 5 days of production, and if its is a job using public network means, then a job under an agreement of at least 3 days of production per month.

For instance: if you take part in a production during Succoth holidays and are employed under an agreement of at least 5 days of production or under an agreement of rehearsals and shows for 3 months at least, the months you have worked under an agreement will be recognized as production job.

Please note,

  • If you have worked even a single day in any given month, that will be considered as if you have worked during that month. In other words, if the period of work lasted from September 30 to February 1st (included) - this period will be recognized as 6 months of work with respect to the qualifying period - September, October, November, December, January and February.
  • The amount of unemployment benefit will be calculated based on their average remuneration as self-employed in the  last 6 months.