Unemployment benefit for an employee on unpaid leave

Those who take an unpaid leave may be entitled to unemployment benefits depending on the reason of his unpaid leave and subject to other conditions of entitlement to unemployment benefit.For more information about eligibility for unemployment benefit for a woman who took an unpaid leave due to childbirth, click here.Involuntary unpaid leaveIf you have been not willingly put by your employer on unpaid leave for 30 days at least, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits immediately upon leaving for your unpaid leave.Please note, if you had remaining paid vacation days due by your employer, you will not receive payment for the first unemployment days, as according to the number of vacation days you had left before the start of the leave.Voluntary unpaid leaveIf you are on an unpaid leave that you have willingly taken, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits only after a 90 days period since the start of your leave, similarly to those who resign from their job.Submitting a claim for unemployment benefit during unpaid leaveTo the unemployment benefit claim you must attach a certificate from your employer involving the following details:Who initiated the unpaid leaveExpected time of unpaid leaveVacation days balance - if you used up all your vacation days before the unpaid leave, the employer is required to point out that there are not vacation days left.For your convenience, the unemployment benefit claim contains a fill-in certificate page that your employer can complete.Important information:To be eligible for unemployment benefits during your unpaid leave, you must report to the Employment Service Bureau.The unemployment days you are paid during an unpaid leave will be taken into account in the maximum number ofunemployment days to which you are entitled. If you were dismissed at the end of the unpaid leave, you would be able to use the balance of your unemployment days up to the end of the year of unemployment, subject to reporting to Employment Service.For instance: If, during the unpaid leave, you a used 56 out of the 100 days of unemployment as per your entitlement. Assuming you are dismissed by the end of the unpaid leave, you will have 44 unemployment days left that you may use up to the end of the year of unemployment.A person who stays in unpaid leave for more than two months must pay national and health insurance contributions on his own - for more information, click here.You are not allowed to work for the employer during the unpaid leave and receive unemployment benefits, even if you did for few days only.A teacher on a sabbatical year is not entitled to unemployment benefits during that year.