Guidelines to employers

Employees dismissed of send in unpaid leave

The employers who are compelled to dismiss employees or send them in unpaid leave for 30 days and above, are asked to inform their employees that can be entitled to unemployment benefits during their unpaid leave, provided they meet all related conditions of entitlement.

The period of unpaid leave entitling to unemployment benefits is: 30 days until 31.7.2020, and 14 days for those sent on unpaid leave between 1.8.2020 and 30.6.2021.

You have to instruct your employees to undertake these two actions:

  1. Register online on the Employment Service's website
  2. Submit unemployment benefit claim to us online on our website.

Please note, an employee can start receiving unemployment benefits even if he did not use up all his vacation days.

To consult the guidelines to employees for the receipt of unemployment benefits forced to take an unpaid leave, click here.

Form 100 transmission – help us to pay to pay unemployment benefits to your employees as soon as possible!

To that end, you need to transfer to us, from your payroll management system, the employees' Form 100 (pay slips abstract including wage differentials and additional salary).

Transmitting the form shortens the processing time of the claim!

Even if you did complete and provide your employee with a Form 1514 – "Employer Authorization of Employment Period and Pay", we ask you nevertheless to transfer a Form 100. Transmitting a Form 100 makes the handwritten Form 1514 redundant.

For further details, one must contact customer service/software company (for employers using the following software:  Hilan, Malam, Unique, HarGal, Hashavim, Merav, as well as big employers on Michpal – a dedicated B2B service was set up, and you should get info from customer service).

Please note, a Form 100 must be transferred to us including reporting for the last 18 months of work at least.

Extension of unpaid leave period

When an unpaid leave was extended by the employer - there is no need for the employer nor the employee to report the extension to us.

We have automatically extended the unpaid leave period.

Workers will continue to receive unemployment benefits according to the maximum number of days granted to them. To learn more about the number of days, click here.

Employees returning to work

Employers, please note:

  • If you have asked your employee to return to work after his unpaid leave - the employee must return to work under the same conditions of work that applied to him prior before the unpaid leave.
  • When an employee refuses to return to work - he or she will not be eligible for payment of unemployment benefit during the period of refusal.

Update about return to work

You are asked to report to us the date of return to work of the employee by means of the payroll management system.

Sending employees back on another unpaid leave

The employer who sent an employee on unpaid leave, brought him back to work, then sent him again on another unpaid leave, is required to notify us that an employee was sent on another unpaid leave by means of the payroll system.

Postponement of declaration and payment for employees on unpaid leave

The date of declaration and payment of insurance contributions for employees on unpaid leave in April, May, June, July and August 2020, is postponed to 15.10.2020.

Please note that the continuous declaration for those months has not been postponed.