Conditions of entitlement

  1. The Employment Service Bureau cannot provide you with work according to the rules in the Employment Service regulations.
  2. Completion of a qualifying period of 100 days in which insurance contributions are made for you to the Work Injury Department within the last 360 days that preceded the first of the month in which your period of unemployment began.
    The count of the 100 days mentioned above, even without payment of insurance contributions, includes days of participation in vocational training, employment arrangements or other activities which the Employment Service Bureau refers you - up to 50 days.
    In the count of the 360 days mentioned above, the following periods are not taken into account:
     - Periods of vocational training, employment arrangements or another activity specified in the regulations - all the days of your participation.
     - Periods of illness or accident - up to 50 days. 
     - Any other absence from your work for reasons that are beyond your control, including days of mourning - 30 days.
  3. During the period of your unemployment, participation in vocational training, employment arrangements or another activity offered to you by the Employment Service Bureau

If the Employment Service Bureau did not offer you vocational training, or if the training was held 40 kilometers or further from your permanent place of residence, you are entitled to an unemployment grant, even if you do not participate in vocational training.

Your right to an unemployment grant will cease under the following circumstances:

  • If you stop working or participating in vocational training without justification.
  • If you refuse a job that was offered to you, which the placement officer at the Employment Service Bureau considers suitable for you, or if you refuse to participate in vocational training, or if you stop participating in vocational training due to a serious disciplinary infraction.