Injury allowance for those infected with coronavirus in the workplace

In most cases, a Novel Coronavirus contamination occurs at home or in leisure times. However, those who have most likely contracted the virus in the workplace - may be recognized as victim of a work injury.

A person recognized as a work injured due to the virus, will receive a work-injury benefit for the days they did not work, during their coronavirus disease, for up to 91 days.

Please note that your collaboration in the epidemiological investigation is most important, and the more detailed it is, the more helpful it will be to us in realizing you rights in the framework of your claim handling.

If, unfortunately, the coronavirus disease leaves you with a lasting disability, you may be entitled to an allowance or a grant, depending on the remaining disability. To that end, one must submit a request to establish the degree of work disability (BL/200). Once you claim submitted, you will be summoned to a Medical Board that will establish the degree of disability. If you are entitled to a grant or a work disability allowance, the sum paid will be determined according to your income prior to the accident. To learn more, click here.

Submitting a claim for work injury allowance

To check your eligibility, please submit to us a claim for work-injury allowance (the form should be filled out as an "injury at work" and not as an occupational disease).

To avoid unnecessary delays in handling your claim, the following documents must be attached to the claim:

Please note that questionnaires are a part of the documents to be attached to the claim and do not replace the claim form.

Salaried worker


Self-employed and salaried worker

One must attach the documents and forms relevant to the occupation that caused the Corona contamination.

If you have the following documents (all or some of them) you are also strongly advised to attach them to the claim:

  • Picture of the SMS message of Ministry of Health / Israel Security Agency/ protective warning of exposure
  • Photocopy of a report on the website of the Ministry of Health on quarantine / illness
  • Employer's notice of need to enter quarantine.

Please note that anyone who enters quarantine as a result of exposure to a Covid-19 patient in the workplace, but has not himself or herself contracted the virus – will not be recognized as a victim of a work injury.

Information to the employer of a worker contaminated with Novel Coronavirus