Dependents’ grant, marriage grant, bar-mitzvah grant, death grant

Dependents’ grant

The right of a widower to receive monthly dependents’ benefits expires once his children are no longer minors. At that point he shall receive a one-time grant equivalent to 36 monthly payments. He shall continue to be paid benefits if he is unable to support  himself or if his income does not exceed the amount determined by law of NIS 6,766 (as of Jan 01, 2023).

Marriage grant

The right of a widow/er to receive monthly payments expires when s/he remarries. At that point, s/he shall receive a grant at two rates:

  • After the date of the remarriage – at an amount equivalent to the dependents’ benefits paid to him/her during the month of the remarriage (excluding the supplement for his/her children), multiplied by 18.
  • Two years after the remarriage date – at an amount equivalent to the dependents’ benefits as they would be paid to him/her if s/he had not remarried, for the final month of the two years, multiplied by 18. The children will continue to receive benefits despite the marriage.

A widow who has remarried shall be entitled to continue to receive monthly dependents’ benefits, if one of the following conditions applies to her:

  • The income of her partner does not exceed NIS 6,766 (as of Jan 01, 2023).
  • Her partner is unable to provide for himself, or was 60 or older on the date of their marriage.

A widow/er who was eligible for a one-time grant when s/he remarried, who then divorced (or began divorce proceedings) or was widowed again within 10 years of his/her second marriage – shall be paid a monthly benefit from the day the marriage ended. The grant paid to him/her or its first rate will be deducted from the benefit s/he is due, unless s/he is eligible for dependents’ benefits due to the death of his/her most recent spouse.

Bar Mitzvah Grant

A Bat Mitzvah Grant is paid to a girl when she reaches 12 years of age and to a boy when he reaches 13 years of age. The rate of the grant is 2/3 of the average wage NIS 6,409 (as of Jan 01, 2023).

Death grant

Upon the death of the person who had received the dependants’ benefits, his/her child (as defined by law) shall be paid a one-time grant of NIS 9,613 (as of Jan 01, 2023).