Maintenance allowance for children

child who is entitled to dependents’ benefits or for whom supplemental dependents’ benefits are being paid is eligible for living expenses after completing 8 years of compulsory education if the majority of his time (at least 24 hours per week) is dedicated to secondary education or occupational training.

Payment of the living expenses for the child is dependent on his/her income (that is not from work) and the income of his/her birth parent who receives the benefits on the child’s behalf.

The amount of the living expenses – NIS 822 (as of Jan 01, 2022).


Prior to the start of the school year, the National Insurance Institute sends claim forms for living expenses to those who receive the benefits.

Please fill out the form and attach a confirmation from the school that the child is a student as well as confirmation of income and send to: Work Disability and Dependents Dept., National Insurance Institute, Main Office, 13 Weizmann Blvd., Jerusalem, 91909.

The claim may also be submitted at the local NII branch.